Audit and Assurance

Making more assertive decisions in managing companies

In a market that demands more and more transparency, the independent audit represents the trust and credibility of companies regarding several audiences.

The audit and assurance services surpass legal and statutory requirements for some companies. It is a necessity so that the audiences of organizations may assure the truthfulness of information and to safeguard responsibilities. Consequently, we offer services based on the best governance practices of the market. 

In LCC, we follow the constant evolution of the capital market, assisting clients in the assurance of transparent financial statements – and non-financial – and in the strengthening the relationship with investors, creditors and stakeholders. 

  • Audits (Financial Statements, Systems, Transactions, Controls)
  • Governance, Risks and Compliance
  • Systems and Data Security
  • Capital Markets (IPOs, Private issues, Local and international funding)
  • Actuarial Services
  • Other Limited Assurance Processes
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