Systems Audit

Management of operating risk for more secure technological solutions

The constant technological evolution require companies to make adjustments and processes that ensure safety and reliability to the activities.

The audit of information systems or technological risks is an independent activity and its mission is the management of operating risk and evaluation of the adequacy of technologies and information systems used in the companies.

Our professionals develop and apply risk management by means of a review and evaluation of controls, development of systems, IT procedures, infrastructure, operation, performance and safety of information, which involves processing of critical data for the decision-making process.

LCC’s system auditor verifies the effectiveness of the existing controls and safety procedures, the effectiveness of processes in use and the correct use of the resources available, advising management regarding the preparation of plans and definition of goals.

Our role, as expert consultants, is to cooperate with the improvement of internal controls, pointing out deficiencies and irregularities that may compromise safety and organizational performance.

We offer many types of system audit and the main ones are below:

Planning and Management Audit: Contracting IT goods and services, documents, budgets, projects, among others.

Legal or Regulatory Audit: Compliance with local and international regulations, such as: Basileia II, Securities and Exchange Commission, among others.

Data Integrity Audit: Classification of data, updates, data bank, applications, accesses, transmission flow study (inflow and outflow), quality verification controls and reliability of information.

Information Security Audit: Methods of authentication, authorization, cryptography, digital certification management, network security, users’ management, antivirus setting, updates, operating standards and manuals.

Physical Security Audit: Evaluation of locations and environmental risks: lives (intellectual capital), theft/robbery, access, humidity, temperature, accidents, disasters; and protections: security perimeters, cameras, sensors, guards, devices and environment protection.

Systems Development Audit: Validation of project management processes, compliance with methodology, budgets made and to be made and deviation evaluation.

IT Infrastructure and Operations Audit: Processes to check the environment availability and susceptibility to errors, accidents and fraud of operations on servers, stations, software, hardware and communication channels.

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