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LCC Auditores e Consultores is recognized by the multidisciplinary operation of excellence in the improvement of business practices and offering of professional services of auditing and consulting. With a clear innovation-oriented purpose, an experienced team and knowledge of our client’s business environment, we ensure customized and efficient deliveries.


We operate with the excellence degree that is compatible with the great audit firms and consulting companies from the domestic and foreign markets, with the advantage of a team formed by senior professionals, projects overseen by the CEO and founding partner Marcello Lopes – with degrees in Economy and Accounting Sciences, a Masters in Accounting and Actuarial Sciences, post degrees in controllership and teaching higher education and international MBAs – and availability to understand and meet the client’s demands.

A close service and supported by trust and long-term relationships are also part of our qualities, as well as our qualifications and certificates to advise listed companies, privately-held companies and financial institutions of all sizes.


We transform the expertise of our professionals into services aligned with the needs of our clients in the widest range of business segments. We offer a complete array of audit and consulting services to assist with simple and complex matters through strategies planned in accordance with each companies’ expectations, working closely in the economic, accounting, management, finance, tax and legal areas.

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Specialized knowledge

With strategic services and knowledge of the sectors, the auditors and consultants of LCC are ready to offer our clients complete and specific services for every branch of activities . Our specialized and multidisciplinary approach ensures the offer of customized services to each segment of our economy.


What the professionals are saying:

I had the luck to count with the audit services of LCC, led by Marcello. We had many productive years in which I, as management, and our management team at FECAP, fully used the internal control reports and audit considerations regarding the financial statements, with an evolution in our routines. Marcello was always available to talk and provide constructive criticism.  I appreciate the work performed in this audit cycle that is ending and all the shared knowledge. Success! 

Taiguara Langrafe

Vice-Dean at FECAP

Marcello is always straightforward and focused on results. I am very pleased with the quality of the services delivered by him and his team.

Marcio Frigo

Controllership Manager at Medral

Skilled professional, committed to the client’s satisfaction and engaged in the search of the contracted results.

Renato Oyakawa

Independent Broker

I strongly recommend Marcello Lopes!

Sérgio de Iudícibus

Professor at PUCSP, Associate Professor in Accounting at USP among others.

An excellent professional in the accounting area. He did great work in earning his Master’s Degree at PUCSP about PBL, a revolutionary method in teaching Accounting. He received the top score with honors. He shows great knowledge and experience in the Audit area. A wonderful person to be with.

José Carlos Marion

Professor at PUCSP - Masters in Accounting

We were together in big national and international audit companies. Marcello Lopes stayed in the profession, broadening his technical knowledge and professional skills. By establishing LCC AUDITORES, he offered the market a company with an approach equivalent to the BIG FOUR, complementing with servicing and developing the work with a focus specific to the needs of medium and small businesses. Marcello is still broadening his knowledge with extension studies in the United States and Europe. I recommend the work of Marcello Lopes and its audit Company called LCC AUDITORES. Sincerely João José

João José

Expert in International Standards IFRS

Marcello Lopes is a Winner!!! He has a brilliant trajectory in the accounting and audit areas, working in many big companies. Persistent and dedicated, he faced many personal and professional adversities and became a very successful entrepreneur! In addition, he face with a lot of dedication and seriousness of challenge of the Academic Master’s in accounting, finishing the course with the highest score. And, as if this is not enough, he is now diligently facing his PhD in Europe.

Marcelo Treff


Marcello is a professional example with whom I had the rare opportunity to share many projects. He always showed a high technical knowledge in accounting and audit, with an endless search for renewal and improvement.

Edemir Marques de Oliveira

Master in Law, International Tax and Development

Excellent professional, dedicated and with solid technical knowledge.

Camilo Gribl


Marcello Lopes is an excellent professional, we worked a few years together and I would, honestly, hire him in any moment. He is a competent person, effective with regards to what needs to be done and very honest and with an ability to interpersonal relationships. An excellent professional. He deserves respect and trust!

Daniel Dominguez Massola – CRC/MBA/QAR-IIA

Tax Advisor (Alternate) at IRB Brasil RE

I have known Marcello Lopes for over 25 years; I have followed his professional and academic development as a subordinate, coworker and client. I am witness of his unconditional commitment with the highest standard of service and quality. I recommend Marcello’s service to any executive who is looking for a customized service and effective results in audit and consulting projects.

Marcio F.

Internal Controls and Compliance Manager at Appian Capital Brazil

Excellent professional, with seriousness, competence and mastery of the activity.

Francisco Antônio Romano

Senior manager(Self-employed)

Marcello is a super professor and coordinator with a strong practice in the teaching and learning processes; he is a friendly presence, remarkable and impactful in any team!

Caio Flavio Stettiner


Marcello Lopes – I had the pleasure of studying with him in a university extension course, he was my master, always attentive to legislation changes, he is commanded to discipline, objective and has a deep knowledge of the concepts and he clearly conveys his guidance, always trying to share his knowledge and guides us to results, always aligned with a human view. As a person, he has a unique characteristic to act and to take a stand. Antonio Vilela

Antonio Carlos Vilela

Finance Manager, Management and Utilities.

I had the opportunity and the privilege to be a classmate of Marcello Lopes, in the Master’s Degree course of PUC-SP, where we shares several academic activities. I was able to notice his deep Audit knowledge and broad experience in Accounting, as well as his always thoughtful and technical position regarding complex matters presented during the course. He concluded the Course with honors.

Raul Felix Msc, MBA, Bel. Economia,Bel Direito, Cons. Certif.

Certified Independent Board Member - IBGC. at IBGC - Instituto Brasileiro de Governança Corporativa

Excellent professional! Highly technical, works with transparency, objectivity, safety and results!!!!

Clóvis Andrade

Finance Manager / Coordinator / Supervisor

Marcello Lopes is an experienced professional, with a high technical knowledge and a natural leader. When interacting, he is always available to help and to search for solutions.

Luiz Cinzento

Middle Market

I recommend the services of Marcello Lopes, whether it is the evaluation of companies, audit and/or tax and legal advisory, due to his ability to provide services with quality, research and technical skills, overcoming the clients’ expectations.

Jeovan Lourenco Silva,MSc, CRC, MBA

Finance / Capital Market / Accounting / Investment Advisory / Private Bank

Marcello Lopes was a great coworker and business partner.

Gilberto Cerullo


I had the opportunity to work with Marcello Lopes and I recommend him specially with regards to his analytical skills, systemic vision and strategic look in business. He has the necessary assertiveness when conducting meetings and solving financial and management problems.

Márcio Camarotto

Partner at Volens Desenvolvimento Empresarial


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At LCC, we continuously search for new talents who are willing to cooperate with our strategic growth, offering quality and customized services to our clients.

Our commitment is to offer a good working environment, to train and develop talents, with the objective to shape experienced professionals that are recognized in the market. 

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