Audit and consulting for the application of LGPD

Secure processes to ensure the adequacy and avoid sanctions

The General Law of Data Protection (LGPD), which entered into effect on September 2020, and regulates the treatment of personal data by public and private companies, establishes rules for use, collection, storage and sharing users’ data, with the objective to ensure more safety, privacy and transparency in the use of personal information.

Companies and public agencies shall establish clear rules regarding the treatment of data which, in addition to avoiding the application of fines, may help leveraging businesses from the most diverse segments and ensure competitiveness and reliability in the market. Our team of auditors and consultants is ready to answer all your questions and assist companies in the adequacy process.

Avoid sanctions

The non-compliance with the LGPD provisions may result in the application of fines by the National Agency of Data Protection (ANPD), overseen by PROCON and other agencies of consumer and citizen defense, in addition to entail possible legal individual or class actions with compensation claims.

Strengthen competitiveness

In addition to ensuring users and clients’ reliability and avoid damages to the company’s image, the compliance with the Law provides greater competitiveness to companies. LGPD is already a market requirement, including to companies that wish to partner with other service operators.

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