ECF Review

Review of processes and guaranteed excellence for corporate challenges

The Bookkeeping and Tax accounting (ECF), formerly known as Statement of Economic and Tax Information of Entities (DIPJ), is mandatory for all companies, including the compared, and must be annually presented by companies.

We assist our clients in the review of the procedures adopted to fill out the Statement in order to assure that it is being prepared in accordance with the applicable tax provisions and if it is based on the balance sheet and the respective statement of profit or loss.

Check out the services offered by our professionals:

Transfer Pricing

Review of calculations and guidance in the adoption of the methods provided by the legislation of the determination of parameter prices for comparison purposes with the used prices and assistance in the development of a price definition strategy to be used, considering the limits determined by the Brazilian legislation.

Tax Matters Committee

Assist the client’s management in the creation of a tax matters committee to update, discuss and define strategies related to tax nature matters which may directly affect the client’s operations and results. Our professionals assist in the preparation of a draft of the committee’s agenda and participation of the office’s partners.

Due Diligence

Assistance in the identification and qualification of contingencies, with the objective of providing information for the decision-making of buyers or sellers in the process of purchasing or selling companies.

Expatriate Support

Assistance and consultancy to executives and professionals that provide services to multinational companies regarding the aspects related to the taxation of individuals and the tax obligations, main and accessory.

Foreign Investments

Assistance in the application and interpretation of international treaties, in the operations made by clients (regarding the record of inflow and outflow of foreign capital) with the Brazilian Central Bank, in the remittance of profits, dividends and interest on own capital and royalties.

Succession Planning

Succession Planning aiming at the protection of personal assets, in accordance with the peculiarities of each company.

R&D Projects

Identification of activities that are eligible to obtain tax incentives provided by the legislation for Research and Development (R&D) projects, as well as support in the formalization of the necessary technical documents and in the quantification of incentives and optimization of those already used.

Legal Opinions and Responses to Consults

Opinions and consultancy involving taxes and contributions regarding the Union, Federal District, states and cities, applicable to individuals and companies that are resident and domiciled in Brazil or abroad.

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