ESG Consulting (Environmental, Social and Governance)

Today, more than ever, we work for the awareness of our clients in making more sustainable decisions. The economic growth and sustainability will be increasingly interconnected and complementary themes.

LCC reinforces the growing importance of the ESG concept, environmental, social and governance for the survival and competitiveness of companies in an international context of appreciation of the social and environmental responsibility and integrity.

The ESG practice reflects LCC’s involvement with the theme, which adopts, in all its processes, sustainability measures and a governance model so that, in fact, we can be a transformation agent of the civil society, engaging our professionals and all our relationship chain.

Our professionals are ready to help the clients with the challenge to understand and rapidly develop reports, measures and key indicators of development.

The matter regarding ESG may evoke risks and opportunities to the companies and are “priced” based on metrics that may show urgent measures to be taken and must be incorporated in the analysis dynamics, contributing for a better understanding of the company, maintaining a long-term view.

Adopting ESG procedures and analysis with purpose, corresponding to the corporate culture in which they are inserted and integrate information available in the market, assist in the management of the risks associated with the company and this process is totally transparent.

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